out my window and around my door

In Atlanta, and across the United States, gentrification, increasing numbers of more affluent white people moving into historically black neighborhoods, is nothing new.


Atlanta neighborhood, the Fourth Ward, was home to Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, the Fourth Ward now referred to as Old Fourth Ward [O4W], is less than 50 percent black has become a striking symbol of gentrification in the Georgia.


For years, prior to gentrification, I lived in the Old Fourth Ward in an upstairs apartment nestled between Bedford Pines, an affordable housing apartment community. It was here, inspired by a shared sense of belonging, I began photographing my community.

The photographs of  “out my window and around my door” were photographed between 2000-2006 and are not panoramas of a public place but rather narrow views carefully joined to give a personal and private glimpse through frames of the everyday life occurrences within this urban neighborhood.


Atlanta is among the cities facing a rising cost of living and reverse white flight “out my window and around my door” questions how do we improve neighborhoods while including existing residents and how do we preserve and expand affordable housing.

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