Stay Still Be Silent

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." Activist Malcolm X


Stay Still be Silent

A time comes when we all have to make a choice.


Do we stay silent?  Do we take a stand?  Do we risk our lives for a cause that’s far bigger than all of us?  What is it the holds a nation together?


Stay Still be Silent reflects unity in the United States of America during times of crisis.  Through the lens of Atlanta, Georgia this still and silent visual history begins with the 1991 Brother’s Day March moves through the 1992 King Week March and the 1994 march against racism travels to the 1998 Youth Day March and continues today with the 2016 Black Lives Matter March and the Midnight in America march.



This long term photographic approach distributes the historical accountability among a collective of photographs and not a single image and shows the city of Atlanta’s legacy of being the crossroads for the civil rights movement is secure.


Photographically, Stay Still be Silent speaks to the transformative power of the still image to be more than just what we see at that moment and more about providing documents necessary to advance our nation forward.


The purpose of these photographs is to move you to do something, to become a part of the catalyst to spark intergenerational, multicultural conversations and a call to action to stand for something, specifically, human rights.

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